Stacy Fazio, LCSW

College Students & Young Adults

Therapy can provide short-term guidance and education on effective coping strategies for this time of transition...

It can also serve as longer-term emotional support, with ongoing weekly treatment sessions to check-in on progress towards goals and provide more intensive education on helpful treatment interventions.

If you are additionally coping with managing an existing or new mental health diagnosis, it is important to seek support and guidance to make this a productive and successful time in your life. Treatment can include family or couple’s sessions to help educate those closest to you about what you are experiencing and how they can offer the most support.

Test Anxiety

Organizational Skills and Time Management

Stress Management

Meeting and Interacting with New People

Interpersonal Conflicts

Navigating Corporate Polices and the Professional Workplace Setting

Onset of Mental Illness in Young Adulthood

Juggling Management of Mental Health with Academic, Professional, and Social Demands

April 6, 2015

First time college or university students are likely counting the sun soaked days of summer until send off. Students are excited, proud, and secretly apprehensive. Unstated worries may be even more intense if the collegiate bound teenager in question has been dealing with mental illness. The late teens and early adulthood years are often the time of onset for many types of mental illness. Leaving the structure, parental oversight, and routine of home life can throw a curve ball even to those individuals who effectively pool supportive resources and self-discipline…

Stacy Fazio, LCSW