Stacy Fazio, LCSW

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT focuses on how thoughts directly impact emotional responses and behavioral reactions...

By learning to understand how an individual thinks, draws conclusions, problem solves, and perceives interactions with others, one can better understand his or her emotional reactions and behaviors – giving clients an opportunity to learn how to create change in their lives through changing their thinking. It is an active form of treatment, incorporating learning and skill practice often in the form of “homework” assignments. It can be utilized for individual therapy, groups, and within couples work to explore thought patterns, expectations, sources of conflict, and communication barriers.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Creation of Individualized Treatment Plan

Education on Coping Strategies to Begin Implementing Immediately

Assessment of Thought Patterns and Core Beliefs

Homework Assignments to Track Thought Patterns and Practice Learned Coping Skills

Monitor Progress to Ensure You are Working Towards your Desired Goals and Seeing Results

Collaborative Treatment with Prescribing Psychiatrist if Indicated

Option for Sessions to Include Family/Friends/Significant Others as Needed

Stacy Fazio, LCSW